Phase 2

Hey! Since the huge quarantine drawing is coming along nicely, it’s become time to look forward to what comes next. I thought about doing another drawing, but that seems boring, so instead I’m going to be producing a new alphabet book about a monster, that everyone will help me write!
To that end, I’ve created two surveys, which I would love for you to fill out.
SURVEY 1 is a survey to create a monster! There are lots of options, and the survey is a little long, but a lot of fun. Once completed, a monster will be designed and drawn based on the responses!

This isn’t the monster — this was just a monster I already had in my computer that I could use as a picture to put the link on. The book monster won’t be designed and drawn until the survey is complete!

SURVEY 2 is where you create an alphabet! Just enter something for each letter, and the finished book will be compiled from these entries.

I’ll be releasing the book as I write and draw it, once it’s begun, which will be in early June. The monster survey will close, but the alphabet one will continue to exist throughout the book’s creation, though I’ll remove letters from the survey once they’ve been written and posted.

Thank you for your help making this happen!