Other Bigs

This giant drawing I’m attempting isn’t my first rodeo! I’ll add some others here, as I’ve got spare time and am able to find wherever I stashed them on my hard drive.

Inktober 2017. I updated this daily for a month with, basically, whatever things were scaring me or giving me anxiety at that exact moment.
Lincoln Options. I did this a couple of years ago. The original hung on the wall at Lincoln Elementary, next to a box for student suggestions on what I should add to it. Every weekend I would bring it home and add a bunch of stuff the students wanted, then I’d hang it up again Monday morning. We produced it as a color poster after it was done, and the school still sells copies of it for fundraising!
Animals. From 2017, based on animal requests from random people on the internet.
Mice Mice Mice! I started this while camped out at Captain Little during Arts Walk one year, then finished it up at home. At least I think that’s what happened. At any rate, I’ve now got a drawing full of hundreds of mice.
Inktober 2019. No real theme, just whatever I felt like adding daily through October.
Lamentable Superheroes. I did this for Inktober a couple of years ago. I created and drew a “Lamentable Superhero” every day for the month, and at the same time added them to this poster, which I then colored in the Photoshop box.