May 11th Update

Hey! Work keeps chugging along, adding a couple of things per day. This morning I took the time and energy to scan the whole drawing, which is here:

Scanned May 11th, six scans, stitched together. The mind boggles.

As you can see, the piece of paper is nearly thinking about being within sight of being full, which means that we need to put together a new game to play! That game is that I’m going to be writing a new alphabet book about a monster, and posting updates to it as I write and draw them. But to keep this all interactive, I’ll be writing the book based on input from you!

There will be a couple of surveys. The first survey is all about what our monster should look like! So please take it, and watch out for the second survey, which will be about the alphabet, and show up within the next week or so!

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