Drawing, Update 44 —

Hey! This is my huge quarantine drawing where I drew things that people requested. What quarantine!

I’m writing a book one page per day! Check it out!

I’m making a new book that I’m writing, drawing, and updating every day for the month of October! You can check it out here !

Here’s a video of my kid reading a new book that I’ve got coming out (if it ever gets back from the printers)!
First of the Quarantine Krommitters being produced to get seeded around town. More coming, as time and weather permit production.
More Quarantine Krommitters
Breaking social distancing, because they’re monsters.
dun Dun DUN
Wet paint. Coming soon: dry paint.
I can’t scan the drawing every day, since it’s actually six+ scans stitched together, but it is a lot cleaner like this, so enjoy it before I return to blurry cellphone pics later on.
Hey! It’s the April 27th scan! Maybe I’ll do these nicer updates weekly, or maybe I won’t! The way time works is a mystery these days or months or minutes or whatever.
Fare thee well, good pen!
Scanned May 11th, six scans, stitched together. The mind boggles.
This guy is actually on the drawing somewhere!
The kid who requested a “Monster Lawnmower” did so because he’s starting a lawnmowing business in his neighborhood. So I did this nicer version of it for him to use on his flyers.
Hey! It’s a new scan! I also added: “Rabbits going wild” for Hilary. “A Pig with TNT” for Andre, age 7. “Angler fish” for Audrey.
Day 1 of my Quarantine Drawing!
Added: “Butterfly” by Addie, age 4. “Kitten On A Cat” by Bastian, age 5. “Monster With Giant Ears And Horns” by Hanna, age 6.
Added: “Snowy Owl” for Sophie. “Horse and Mini Horse” for Hilary, age 61.
Added: “Three-headed dragon,” for Leo, age 5, AND Oliver. “Mushrooms With A Poisonous Mushroom With, Like, A Poison Cloud Above It” for Dashiell, age 7. “Jogging sucks” for Rick, aged 39.
Added: “Percy, the monster under the bed” for Nathan. “Polar Bear” for Lauren. “Tarantula and a Man Eating Stinkbug” for Thurston, age 10.
Added: “Unicorn with a pet cat” for Molly, aged 11. “Igloo” for Jack, aged 8. “Dog Chasing a Cat” for Evan.
Added: “Diplodocus” for Micah, age 6. “Two-headed Raccoon” for Milo, age 7. “A Robot Potato” for Gabe, age 10. “Panda” for Garret, age 11. “Ghost making a face” for Fauna, age 8.
Added: “Fast Car” for Wesley, age 10. “More Birds” for Kayla, age 3. Also a llama and Panda Bunny.
Added: “Giant cookie” for Max, age 6. “Beaver snug in its House” for Anders, age 9. “Mermaid posing with a shell and a fish” for Penelope, age 6. “Sounders scarf” for Liam. Also some kind of godzilla/dinosaur thing and what might be a puppet.
Added: “UFO” for Evan, age 9. “Kid with a mohawk riding a dirt bike” for Jagger, age 12. “Pacific Wren” for Oscar, age 10.
Added: “Lincoln eating spaghetti” for Justin. “Narwhal reading a book” for Persephone, age 10. “Phoenix rising” for Bitsy, age 71. “Fast sea turtle” for Nyah, age 8.
Added: “Chunky King Charles Cavalier Spaniel” for Bella, age 12. “Snake or a unicorn” for Xavier, age 3. “Tabby cat in a business suit” for Emi, age 9.
Added: “Cat knitting” for Emily, age 9. “Dragonfly with an emphasis on dragon” for Markus. “Toilet Paper” for Ben.
Added: “Alien abducting a cupcake drinking coffee” for Waylon, age 8. “Sloth on a branch” (I made it a dinosaur neck) for Camryn, age 7. “Sloth” for Empress. Also a bunny, some chickens, and another robot.
Added: “Octopus doggy” for Melody, age 7. “Dolphin listening to music on a boombox” for Cleo, age 7. I think I also added a couple of other little filler things.
Added: “Bat” for Jen. “A talking Taco with a mustache” for Chloe, age 9. Also a Coronavirus and I think a cat.
Added: “An Alligator reading a book” for Mo, age 4. “Cheetah Sloth” for William, age 8.
Added: “Zebra” for Israel, age 7. “A piece of Hawaiian pizza running away from a cat wearing a top hat and a shirt that says I love pizza” for Jude, age 8 (Oops! I forgot the top hat! I’ll add it later).
Added: “Mercat” for India, age 9. “Someone playing video games” for Chloe, age 10.
Added: “A Robot Playing With an RC Car” for Danny, age 36. “The Balloon from It,” for Bella, age 11. “a raccoon wearing a crown and stumbling drunkenly around with a tabby cat” for Molly.
Added: “Blue Dragon with golden horns claws and spikes, breathing gold fire” for Bodhi, age 5 (Sorry, Bodhi, no color!). “Crow reading a zine about crows” for Rose. “Wolf or Wrestler” for Larry.
Added: “The Earth” for Earth Day. “Alien with a noisebox” for Richard. “Golden retriever” for Richard’s daughter. “Pitbull mix” for Richard’s wife. “A Giant Rabbit” for Harvey.
Added: “Polka Dots that are alive” for Mose, age 4. “Skateboarding pickle wearing sunglasses and a tuxedo” for Brawny. “Thor as a Puppy” for Dashiell, age 7. Also a pirate pig, and some other monsters and stuff.
Added: “An anime cracked-egg diva with high heels on” for Jayden, age 12. “A Goofy huge Great Dane dog with a tiny chihuahua dog best friend” for Lindsey, age 34. Also a chicken.
Added: “Bicycle” for Jihan. “Skateboarding Squid” for Joe.
Added: “Monster Crayfish” for Spencer, age 9. “Orca or Humpback Whale Singing” for Cherie, age 66. “A ninja riding on a dragon that (ate) has an elephant in his belly” for Lilly, age 8.
Added: “Angry unicorn walking a person dressed as a unicorn” for Eleanor, age 6. “Roly poly” for Markus, age 6. “A chicken juggling a soccer ball” for Aud, age 45. “A pineapple wearing sunglasses” for Alexander, age 11.
Added: “Monster Lawnmower” for Wiley, age 12. “Monster that looks like a moon” for Aidon, age 4. “A fennec fox and my little brother would like a parade of cats” for Arwen, age 11. “A shoebill” for Henry. “Sarah watering a houseplant” for Dylan, age 38.
Added: “A Rose” for Bella Nova, age 5. “A frog on a frog on a frog” for Jade, age 30. “A bird with a mustache that turns out to have been dog fur” for Ben. “A Flying Rhinoceros” for Masha, age 11.
Added: “Penguin with an umbrella” for Jill. “Drum playing octopus with an old timey mustache” for James.
Added: “Gardening weenie dog” for Leah. “Spinosaurus holding a fish or FEEEEEEESH” for Brandon, age 8. Also a brain in a jar.
Added: “Giant Sock Monster” for Rainier, age 13. “A Live Face Clock” for Adelade, age 6. “A Robotic Fish” for Grayson, age 9. Also the Zink!
Added: “Happy Stingray” for Lola, age 4. “Seahorse with a sunflower” for Lory, age 42. “Kayak with a seal paddling it” for Janet.
Added: “Piggy Eating Dandelions” for Rory, age 5. “Swamp Monster Riding A Bike” for Ben, age 8. “A Little Fox With A Book” for Olivia, age 11. “a fox who is having a blast long boarding” for Madison, age 21. And some Space Lizards playing folk instruments.
Added: “Caterpillar, please. And a crab or a camel for mom” for Sam, age 16, and his mom, age 51.973.
Added: “a t-rex holding a lamp and a cat on his back” for Lyla, age 8. “A girl elf riding a unicycle” for Natalie, age 6. “A giraffe licking a lollipop with its long purple tongue” for Rowan, age 11.
Added: “Giant soccer ball” for Emmie (finally!). “Amtrak train” for Aric, age 6. “A pig flying,” for Maddy, age 10. “A fat cat and a skinny cat and a cat running out of the drawing,” for Izumi, age 10. “A unicorn eating ice cream, and an easter squirrel,” for Zia, age 10. “A pet guinea pig,” for Natalie, age 11.
Added: “Mysterious Question Mark Of Magical Mystery” for Mystery Man. “A soccer player holding the ball like WHEN CAN WE PLAY AGAIN!” for Beth, age 54. “a dog with a moustache and a beard” for Jonas, age 11. “A Terrifying Dragon!” for Jaxson, age 8. “An Alive NO! Little girl loves her emphatic NOs” for Liv, age 2.
Added: “A Dog doing a cartwheel” for Kylie, age 41. “A medic octopus handing out quarantine face masks and/or an evergreen tree with face mask. Maybe even a Geoduck?” for Emerson, age 10.
Added: “A bee. Well, first she wanted a dinosaur, then a rabbit, but finally settled on a bee” for Anneke, age 2. “A Scorpion Named The Phantom Nipper” for Bastian, age 5. “A Dancing goat wearing a tuxedo” for Jeff, age 41.
Added: “Narwhal with a tiara!!” for Lory, age 42. “Giant crystals and sparkles” for River, age 5. “A snorkeling donkey with goat horns” for Rosalia, age 9. “A set of empty clothes parachuting out of a helicopter” for Jethro, age 8. “Chicken playing a P-bass” for Amanda. Plus a Plague Doctor.
Added: “A toucan and his 2 best friends – a can of Spam and a can of tuna” for Danielle, age 42. “My stuffed animal monkey driving his ice cream truck,” for Aria, age 9. “A cat on a synth,” for Bastian, age 5. “A Murder hornet” for 2020. Some other odds and ends.
Added: some monsters, a dog with a guitar, several krommitters, some depression, a pirate, and Llydia the Llama.
Added: “some books with butterfly wings” for Jen. “Catasaurus” for Bastian, age 5. “A Cowpion (cowboy scoprion)” for Dash, age 8. A masked cactus, a dog playing guitar, Nestor and the Name Gnome, and a whole mess of Krommitters, plus some other stuff.